Customer Question Friday: I Keep Scratching the Lenses of My Reading Glasses. What Can I Do?

Sctratched Lenses on Reading GlassesThe way we use reading glasses on a daily basis means scratching the lenses is inevitable.  Taking them on and off, leaving them scattered around the house, or shoving them in a pocket or purse can be tough on lenses. 


While these scratches and scuffs will definitely happen over time, we do have a bit of advice on how to minimize them.


Here are 3 tips on how to avoid lens scratches on your reading glasses.


1. Clean Your Reading Glasses Often.  Cleaning your reading glasses regularly will keep dirt off the lenses that can potentially cause scratches.


2. Clean Your Reading Glasses Properly.  Cleaning lenses properly will eliminate the chance of scratching your lenses during cleaning.  To learn how to clean your reading glasses properly read our previous blog post: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Reading Glasses Clean


3. Keep Your Reading Glasses in a Case.  This one seems obvious, but the number one reason for scratched lenses on reading glasses in not using a case.  Throwing them into a pocket or purse is guaranteed to lead to scratches.


When your lenses do get scratched and scuffed, remember that if the frame is optical quality and still in good shape, the lenses could be replaced.  We offer this service for all of the reading glasses we sell.  We can put in brand new lenses into your existing frames in whatever power you need, with prices starting from $20 per pair.


To learn more about our lens replacement service, just get in touch with us using our Contact Page.

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