Baby Boomer Fashion: Accessorize with Reading Glasses

Stylish guy in glassesAging baby boomers have been the people fueling the growth the sales of non-prescription reading glasses, transforming the category from being functional products to a product that is driven by style. Baby boomers are fashion conscious and are aware of the many options when it comes to accessories. Style has become an important factor in creating each and every outfit.

To meet the needs and demands of these stylish baby boomers, suppliers of reading glasses have been constantly working to update lines, ensuring that products are now available in the latest frame styles.

Fashion oriented baby boomers are always looking for glasses in different colors and styles to compliment their wardrobe. Studies have shown that men will seek a conservative pair of reading glasses and women will be more prone to choosing the latest fashionable frames. Women will also purchase multiple pairs of glasses to compliment their varying outfits.

The reason for seeking out fashionable frames is so that aging baby boomers do not actually highlight the fact they are wearing reading glasses. Many are actually using them for vision aids, so they definitely want something that is in style and tied in with the current fashion trends.

You might have been thinking you're old and out of tune with today's fashion, but the news we have for you is that you're trendsetting with your specs!

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