The Benefits of Bifocal Reading Glasses: Never Have to Take Them Off

Having to take off your glasses constantly can be a real pain. When you're wearing your reading glasses in an environment where you may need to look at more than the written text in front of you, bifocals are the way to go. They might make you feel like you've gotten old; but hey, you probably have enough signs of that in front of you already, so what's one more, honestly? When you're able to simply look up and over the part of your glasses that have strength to them, you'll feel like you've got the world on your shoulders!


When you're shopping for bifocals, what you need to do is ensure that the portion of the glasses that are enhanced is in a comfortable position  for your eyes and where they are naturally when you are looking down to read a book, newspaper or computer screen. If they don't allow you to take advantage of your vision naturally, you may find eye strain or general discomfort. With the right fit, you'll be all set!


The other important consideration is that the bifocal portions, known as segments, are even on both lenses.  That is to say, when looking straight on at the glasses, each segment should be at the same height from the bottom of the frame, and from the sides.  Proper placement of the segments allow for more comfortable use.  Any bifocal that does not line up like this should be rejected.


Once you wear bifocals a few times it will become second nature.  I know that many of our customers try out bifocals prefer them so much that they never go back to regular reading glasses.

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