Customer Question Friday: What Reading Glasses Look Good On Me?

This has to be one of the most common questions we face every day.  Selecting reading glasses that look great and add to your style is easy with a few simple tips.


I have used these 3 simple steps, outlined below, for years in the store when helping customers choose reading glasses.  I always love the challenge of a customer that says, “Reading glasses just never look good on me.” 


Going through this process will always lead to the customer walking out of the store with one or two pairs of reading glasses that they feel great about.  Suddenly, for them reading glasses have gone from something they have to wear to something they want to wear!


Here is our 3 step process for choosing reading glasses:


Face Shape – Opposites Attract

The rule of thumb here is simple: you want your reading glasses frame to be the opposite of your face shape.

 Face Shape Grid for Choosing Reading Glasses





























Proportion – Size Does Matter

The size of the frame can certainly effect the look of your reading glasses.  A large frame on a small face will just make your face look even smaller, and vice versa.  The key is to look for balance.  Also, reading glasses need to feel comfortable.  Readers that are too wide and constantly sliding down your nose will be a nuisance.


Style – Create a Look

Once you know the shape and size of reading glasses that you need, the rest is a matter of personal style.  Reading glasses should be seen as a fashion accessory, which reflects your personal style, whatever that may be.  Colours can be bold to create a “pop” or “wow” factor if that is what you desire.  In this final step relax and have fun.  I always ask customers at this point: Who do you want to be?



Looking for more information about choosing reading glasses?  Here are some great tips for buying your first pair of reading glasses.

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