Common Eye Health Questions and Answers

While individuals who typically need reading glasses simply suffer from that nasty thing we like to call aging, there are some other eye conditions that you may experience that require a visit to your doctor optometrist. Here are some of the most common questions related to eye conditions.


Question 1 - Why are my eyes bloodshot?

Answer 1 - while you might have a different answer relating to your music festival activities in the 60's and 70's, there are a number of reasons that your eyes could become red and itchy. One of the most common problems happens to be allergies or environmental irritations. Typically, allergy medications and eye drops available over the counter can alleviate the symptoms. In some cases, redness can be due to broken blood vessels as well, or even pink eye.


Question 2 - Why do I get blurred vision?

Answer 2 - Blurred vision that is not persistent is typically a sign of fatigue or eye strain. It can come and go, and in general, this type of blurred vision doesn't have a effect on your sight. If blurred vision comes on like a curtain and all you see is darkness, immediate medical treatment is required.


Question 3 - Why do I see spots?
Answer 3 - Like the need for reading glasses, seeing spots or things flash across your vision is another sign of getting older. No, the spots are not your lost marbles, they are typically pieces of detached retina. They are visible from time to time based on lighting conditions and other factors. This is something that should be mentioned to your doctor, and likely, your eyes will be monitored during routine check-ups to ensure nothing has changed. Immediate medical attention is not typically required unless spotty vision or flashes of light happen frequently or are always present.


Understanding what's going on with your eyes can help ensure that you're protected; age is already doing enough to you, declining eye health doesn't need to become a factor!

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