Why Regular Eye Exams are Important – Based on a True Story

Eye Exam at OptometristAre you wearing reading glasses and think that you don’t need a regular eye exam?  If so, this blog post is for you.


This true story about the importance of regular eye exams is about my father-in-law.  He has been wearing ready-to-wear reading glasses for years without the need for prescription eyewear.  When I would visit him, I would occasionally bring him a few pair of readers from the store.  When I first met him he was using +1.25, and over the years he crept up to using +1.75.    


Last year before I was heading over for a visit, he called me and asked me to bring him some reading glasses.  I casually asked him when the last time he had an eye exam.  His response:  “Why would I need an eye exam?  I just need readers.  My eyes are fine.”  I said, “You might want to think about an exam, they can check for other eye health issues.” 


Now, let’s just say my father-in-law can be a bit stubborn, but my mother-in-law kept on him and finally convinced him to get an exam.  Well, sure enough the Optometrist found one of his retinas partially detached plus he had the very early stages of Glaucoma.  The retina was quickly fixed and he now goes for a regular exam to keep on top of the possible Glaucoma. 


This story is a great reminder of the importance of regular eye exams for those that just wear reading glasses.  A comprehensive eye examination is performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist and includes careful testing of all aspects of your vision and eye health.



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