NEW PRODUCT: Lookie Lous – Reading Glasses that Double as a Hairband

Lookie Lous Headband Reading Glasses on ModelFor years we have been telling our customers that putting reading glasses on their head was a bad thing because they would stretch out the frame.  Now, with the creation of Lookie Lous, we can start letting people know that it is OK, in fact, it is encouraged.




Lookie Lous are a combination hairband and reading glasses that give you the ultimate in convenience.  Keep them on the top of your head until you need them.  That means no more digging through your purses or pockets; and better yet, say goodbye to that chain around your neck.


Describing How to Use Lookie Lous Headband Reading GlassesLookie Lous are made of flexible lightweight polycarbonate with a small notch at the midway point to rest comfortably on your nose.  When you need to see the small print just slide them down where they will snugly fit against your temples.  When you are done just slide them back up again.


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