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Plastic and Metal Reading GlassesThis seems like the age old question when it comes to selecting reading glasses.  My opinion is that it really comes down to personal preference.  While there are some specific differences, for me it is more about the differences in look and style.

Different Colours of Tinted LensesThe colours of the lenses in reading sunglasses filter light in different ways.  The two most popular lens tints for sun readers are grey and brown/bronze.  We look at the differences in these tints so you can decide which is right for you.

Testing for Eye Disease with an iPad AppMillions of us use our iPhones and iPads to communicate, search for information, keep ourselves organized, and even entertained.  Now thanks to a new app, an iPhone can be used to prevent blindness.

5 Foods for Your Aging Eyes

Posted by: Wayne Yarrow

Woman with an orange over her eyeAre you eating foods that will help improve your eye health? While you won't be able to avoid your reading glasses, here are five food choices that help minimize age-related vision changes and reduce the risk of serious eye diseases.

Woman Putting in Contact LensesWhile contact lenses are great for correcting your vision to see far away, many of our customers realize that once they hit their 40’s, using contacts does not help them see the fine print.

Woman wearing reading sunglasses reading a bookAnyone spending time outdoors is at risk for eye damage from the sun’s UV rays.  To protect yourself, wear good quality sunglasses or sunglass readers.

iPhone Magnifying a MenuYou know the story: Your out for dinner and realize that you left your reading glasses at home.  You struggle to read the menu but are able to order dinner by choosing one of the specials that the waiter suggested.  Then the bill arrives at the end of the meal and there is no way you are able to make sense of it without your readers.  Not to worry, if you have the right app on your Smartphone.

Sctratched Lenses on Reading GlassesThe way we use reading glasses on a daily basis means scratching the lenses is inevitable.  Taking them on and off, leaving them scattered around the house, or shoving them in a pocket or purse can be tough on lenses. 


While these scratches and scuffs will definitely happen over time, we do have a bit of advice on how to minimize them.

Lookie Lous Headband Reading Glasses on ModelFor years we have been telling our customers that putting reading glasses on their head was a bad thing because they would stretch out the frame.  Now, with the creation of Lookie Lous, we can start letting people know that it is OK, in fact, it is encouraged.

Reading Glasses with the ComputerA common problem for many that wear reading glasses is that they have trouble seeing a computer screen clearly while they are wearing their reading glasses.  Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem.