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Stylish guy in glassesAging baby boomers have been the people fueling the growth the sales of non-prescription reading glasses, transforming the category from being functional products to a product that is driven by style. Baby boomers are fashion conscious and are aware of the many options when it comes to accessories. Style has become an important factor in creating each and every outfit.

If you're not having enough problems making decisions in your old age already, we've decided to make it even harder for you. Did you know that there are different types of reading glasses available? Sure, they all add visual interest to your face and help you see, but the categories of glasses go beyond that.

While individuals who typically need reading glasses simply suffer from that nasty thing we like to call aging, there are some other eye conditions that you may experience that require a visit to your doctor optometrist. Here are some of the most common questions related to eye conditions.

It's often thought that reading glasses or only required by us 'old fogies' who are 40 and beyond, but there is another demographic that can benefit from use of readers, too! It might be surprising to you that reading glasses are being recommended to some children, since it's logical that those with low vision would wear glasses full-time. However, reading glasses and bifocals are often recommended to slow Myopia in young kids.

Children, myopia and reading glasses

Vision is something that many of us take for granted until we don't have it anymore or notice it declining and many of us need to put more effort into protecting our eyes during specific activities. I know what you're thinking..that we old farts just aren't physically able to do anything that could pose a risk, so consider these tips for those still in denial about their age!

Our eye colour is one trait that makes us who we are in terms of our physical appearance. Someone who typically has brown eyes would look very different with blue contacts in! Have you ever stopped to think why our eyes are the colours that they are? We’ll bet you’ve looked at mom and dad and thought “thank goodness I got HER eyes” “or why did I have to get his eyes?”, but there’s a lot more to it than that! Sit back, whip out your snazzy reading glasses, and get ready because we’re going to enlighten you!

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