Forgot Your Reading Glasses? Don't Worry, There's an App for That

iPhone Magnifying a MenuYou know the story: Your out for dinner and realize that you left your reading glasses at home.  You struggle to read the menu but are able to order dinner by choosing one of the specials that the waiter suggested.  Then the bill arrives at the end of the meal and there is no way you are able to make sense of it without your readers.  Not to worry, if you have the right app on your Smartphone.


While leaving your reading glasses at home is common, most of us are rarely without our phones these days. A portable magnifier on your Smartphone is the perfect solution in a pinch for those times you find yourself squinting to see small objects. This can be useful not only in restaurants, but also when you are trying to read the back of food labels at the grocery store or the ridiculously small print on the pill bottles at the drug store.


There are several free apps available for iPhones, Android Smartphones, and Blackberrys.  These simple apps use your Smartphone's camera to magnify the print like a magnifying glass. 


Here are a couple of apps that we found that may be worth checking out:


EyeReader for iPhone


Magnify for Android devices

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