Customer Question Friday: Can I Wear Reading Glasses Over My Contacts?

Woman Putting in Contact LensesWhile contact lenses are great for correcting your vision to see far away, many of our customers realize that once they hit their 40’s, using contacts does not help them see the fine print.


Putting a pair of ready-to-wear reading glasses over your contacts is the simplest solution to see the fine print.  Your contacts will correct your distance vision, and any astigmatism that you may have.  All you need is a little magnification which is provided by the reading glasses.


There are a couple of other options with contact lenses in order to try and lessen the need for reading glasses.  One is monovision, where the contacts in each eye are corrected differently.  One eye is corrected for distance and one eye is corrected for near.  When both eyes work together, the wearer is supposed to get vision at both near and far.  The second option is multifocal contact lenses which have varying corrections for both distance and near.


Both of the above options seem to have varying degrees of success.  Many of our customers that have either monovision or multifocal contacts still find that they need reading glasses over top.


One thing to keep in mind is that the reading glasses that you wear over your contacts will not work when you are not wearing your lenses, like when reading in bed for example.  In that case, you will need a separate pair of reading glasses with a different correction or lens power.


If you are a contact lens wearer than needs a little help with the fine print, check out our selection of reading glasses for men and reading glasses for women.

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