Customer Question Friday: My Reading Glasses Don't Work When Looking At My Computer. What Should I Do?

Using Reading Glasses for the ComputerA common problem for many that wear reading glasses is that they have trouble seeing a computer screen clearly while they are wearing their reading glasses.  Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem.


Why is your computer screen blurry?  It's really a matter of distance.  Your reading glasses bring things into focus at your reading distance, which is approximately 14 inches from your eyes.  Anything outside of this range, like a computer monitor which is further away, will start to appear blurry.  The key thing to remember is this: One lens strength will not bring things into focus at both reading distance and computer distance.


How do you solve this problem?  Well the simplest solution is to use reading glasses with a weaker lens strength.  The general rule of thumb is that decreasing your lens strength by 0.75 will bring your monitor into focus.  For example, if you wear +2.00 reading glasses, a pair of readers in a +1.25 strength will allow you to clearly see your computer screen.  The key point here is: The weaker the lens strength, the further the focal point. 


The only downside to this simple solution is that with the weaker reading glasses, you now lessen your ability to see things at a closer distance.  You may want to play around with a couple of strengths and find a balance between seeing your monitor and your printed material.


For those seeking a more efficient solution, especially if you work at the computer most of the day, a multifocal lens would be best.  This could be either a bifocal lens or an office progressive lens.  Both function the same with the top portion of the lens being your computer strength and the lower portion your reading strength.  We sell both options in our Vancouver store, but do not offer this solution from our website.  Multifocal lenses are best purchased in person so that the placement of the lenses can be set specifically for you according to you pupil measurements. 


To learn more about your eyes and using computers, here is some great information from the American Optometric Association about the causes and treatment of Computer Vision Syndrome.


If you are looking for a pair of weaker reading glasses to use for your computer, take a look at our optical quality reading glasses for men and women.

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