Should Children Wear Reading Glasses?

It's often thought that reading glasses or only required by us 'old fogies' who are 40 and beyond, but there is another demographic that can benefit from use of readers, too! It might be surprising to you that reading glasses are being recommended to some children, since it's logical that those with low vision would wear glasses full-time. However, reading glasses and bifocals are often recommended to slow Myopia in young kids.


Children and reading glasses

Myopia is a condition where the eye has trouble focusing upon things in the distance. This condition is also called nearsightedness and it does often begin in childhood. Myopia is present in about 25% of adults, which means a large portion of the population began exhibiting signs of the condition when they were children. There are a variety of potential causes of Myopia; sunlight, genetics, and eye stress and strain can lead to earlier onset Myopia.


For children diagnosed with Myopia, reading glasses can take strain off the eye when they're focused on materials that are close to (hopefully) slow the development of the condition. Bifocals can also have the same effect since they would be used primarily when children are reading or focusing closely upon something. Full-time, regular glasses are not beneficial in treating Myopia because it's believed by many eye specialists that it's only the eye strain from activities like reading that can contribute to this condition.


Not only will reading glasses potentially benefit your child's health, they'll be pretty impressed to have glasses like you, mom or dad, even if you've only got yours on because you've gotten so old!

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