Style Trends in Men's Reading Glasses

We dudes often get accused of having bad style. Well, okay, that might be true sometimes but we can all at least fake it a little! We'll even help you out a bit here so you can fool all of those important people in your life into thinking you've finally figured out how to dress yourself. Here are some of the hottest trends in men's reading glasses so you can be stylish!


Plastic Frames

The media has coined these plastic framed glasses "nerd glasses" but celebrities seem to think they're pretty hip. Take a risk with these guys; your accessories are one way that you can really have fun and show your personality. Choose a subtle plastic frame or something that pops and you'll look suave and sophisticated with your head in your bowl of cereal while trying to read the morning paper before your first cup of coffee..or at the office (whatever you prefer)!


Rimless Glasses

This style is classic and since there is no frame, you don't have to worry about your colour choice not suiting your mood. Your eyes always take center stage (tell that to your spouse when she tries to criticize your fashion sense and she'll swoon!) when you have these glasses on. These glasses are popular with guys that don't want flashy accessories, but still want to be stylish.


Wire Glasses

Classic yet contemporary, they're always a staple style for reading glasses so rest-assured your fashion sense is safe.


The most popular style trends in men's reading glasses can help you make your selection, but remember it's about personal choice and finding a pair of glasses that fits your personality and your vision needs. Of course, if you're having trouble settling on one, you can always pick up a few pairs of reading glasses for good measure.

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