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Plastic and Metal Reading GlassesThis seems like the age old question when it comes to selecting reading glasses.  My opinion is that it really comes down to personal preference.  While there are some specific differences, for me it is more about the differences in look and style.

Woman Putting in Contact LensesWhile contact lenses are great for correcting your vision to see far away, many of our customers realize that once they hit their 40’s, using contacts does not help them see the fine print.

Sctratched Lenses on Reading GlassesThe way we use reading glasses on a daily basis means scratching the lenses is inevitable.  Taking them on and off, leaving them scattered around the house, or shoving them in a pocket or purse can be tough on lenses. 


While these scratches and scuffs will definitely happen over time, we do have a bit of advice on how to minimize them.

Lookie Lous Headband Reading Glasses on ModelFor years we have been telling our customers that putting reading glasses on their head was a bad thing because they would stretch out the frame.  Now, with the creation of Lookie Lous, we can start letting people know that it is OK, in fact, it is encouraged.

Reading Glasses with the ComputerA common problem for many that wear reading glasses is that they have trouble seeing a computer screen clearly while they are wearing their reading glasses.  Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem.

Having to take off your glasses constantly can be a real pain. When you're wearing your reading glasses in an environment where you may need to look at more than the written text in front of you, bifocals are the way to go.

If you thought we were joking when we said that one of the signs that tells you that reading glasses are in your future is that your arm never seems to be long enough; well then, you probably have yet to hit 40. As for the rest of you, well, we know that you can relate.

Stylish guy in glassesAging baby boomers have been the people fueling the growth the sales of non-prescription reading glasses, transforming the category from being functional products to a product that is driven by style. Baby boomers are fashion conscious and are aware of the many options when it comes to accessories. Style has become an important factor in creating each and every outfit.

It's often thought that reading glasses or only required by us 'old fogies' who are 40 and beyond, but there is another demographic that can benefit from use of readers, too! It might be surprising to you that reading glasses are being recommended to some children, since it's logical that those with low vision would wear glasses full-time. However, reading glasses and bifocals are often recommended to slow Myopia in young kids.

Children, myopia and reading glasses