5 Tips for Buying Your First Reading Glasses

Lady choosing reading glassesAt some point we all realize we need some help with the small print.  It usually creeps up on us at some point in our 40’s, when we start to say things like: Why is news print so small these days, or why are the labels on products made with such small print?


Most live in denial for a while, then we come to grips with it and realize that we are there: We have hit that stage in life where reading glasses are a must. 


Here are 5 quick tips to keep in mind when you are buying your first pair of reading glasses:


1. Keep things is focus.  The first thing that you need to know is that reading glasses are designed to put things into focus at a near distance only, which is about 14 inches from you eyes.  When you look at something in the distance through your reading glasses, everything will be blurry and you may feel a bit dizzy.


To determine your correct strength, it is best to have an eye exam.  If you are going to try and determine what strength you need, start by selecting a low strength first and work up from there.  With the correct strength you should be able to read printed material clearly at about 14 inches from your eyes.  We see far too many people in the store over correcting.   


2. You will peer over them.  No one really thinks they will do this, but you will.  As mentioned above, when you need to look at a distance you don’t want to look through the lens. 


How do you solve this?  You have a few options: The first solution is that you simply take the glasses off to look at a distance.  Secondly, you can slide the reading glasses down your nose slightly and peer over the top.  Finally, you can wear bifocal reading glasses, where the top of the lens has no correction and the reading portion is only at the bottom.


While many first time buyers in our stores will cringe when we mention that at some point they will peer over the top of their reading glasses, they quickly realize why they have seen so many people over the years do just that.  You have to.    


3. You will need them everywhere.  One pair of reading glasses usually will not cut it.  It is much easier to have several pairs scattered around your house and work.  The majority of our customers will have a few in the house, a pair at work, one in the car, one in the purse etc…


Having several pairs on the go will eliminate things like getting to work and realizing you left your reading glasses on the kitchen counter, or getting to the restaurant and realizing you forgot to put them in your purse.


The nice aspect of ready-to-wear reading glasses is the affordability when compared to prescription eyewear.  This allows you to have several pair lying around in strategic locations.


4. Opposites attract.  The main rule of thumb for selecting the shape of your reading glasses is to go opposite of your face shape. For example, if your face could be considered round, you will want to balance that out by adding reading glasses with a square of rectangle lens shape.   


5. Remember to accessorize.  Reading glasses can turn you from frumpy to fabulous, from boring to brilliant, from dated to dynamite.  Like a purse or shoes for ladies, as well as belts and watches for men, reading glasses can compliment your wardrobe. 


Your choice of colour, shape, and style should be thought out so that who you are and what you want your appearance to say is in sync.  Reading glasses are a great way to add to your personal style and complete a look.


Want to learn more?  Check out our page showing you the different types of reading glasses available.

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