Tips for Preventing Eye Injuries in Children and Adults

Vision is something that many of us take for granted until we don't have it anymore or notice it declining and many of us need to put more effort into protecting our eyes during specific activities. I know what you're thinking..that we old farts just aren't physically able to do anything that could pose a risk, so consider these tips for those still in denial about their age!


As parents, it's also our responsibility to educate our children on protecting their own eyes. It doesn't mean they might not require reading glasses in the future, but having two unharmed eyes to go underneath them is always a bonus!


Here are some basic guidelines for eye protection:


1. Get the right sporting equipment - reading glasses are appropriate for well, reading, and sunglasses may protect your eyes from the sun, but they aren't the ideal choice to wear for most sports as they offer limited physical protection. For sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball and racket sports, polycarbonate protectors offer full eye coverage and have shatter-proof lenses. Wear these and you won't just be glad that you've salvaged your eyes; you'll be happy you didn't sacrifice your oh so stylish reading sunglasses!


2. Choose the right size glasses- for activities where glasses are appropriate, wearing the right size is important. Glasses that shift because they're too large could end up compromising eye health and they can have an increased tendency to break; not something you want to happen near your eyes! Choosing your glasses carefully based on your face shape and the appropriate size will prevent any problems!


3.  Remove makeup - ome simple tip for protecting the eye applies primarily to women! It's important to remove eye makeup before bed, otherwise fragments of mascara or other foreign bodies can get into the eyes and cause damage!

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