What Are the Different Types of Reading Glasses?

If you're not having enough problems making decisions in your old age already, we've decided to make it even harder for you. Did you know that there are different types of reading glasses available? Sure, they all add visual interest to your face and help you see, but the categories of glasses go beyond that!


Understanding what different types of glasses are available can help to ensure you get the style and function most appropriate for you.


1. Full Vision Reading Glasses - these are the kind of glasses that cover your whole eye. It's not just about the style, these glasses ensure that no matter which way you look, you're looking through the lens. These glasses are ideal for those who use their reading glasses when they're simply focused on just reading.


2. Half Frame Reading Glasses - These are positioned so the lens covers only the lower part of your eye. That means you can look over the top of the glasses to see distances. Style-wise, these glasses are often considered to be the "sexy librarian" look, and if you choose these, you can perfect your over-lens stare!


3. Bifocals - bifocals essentially work like half frame reading glasses. Look up and you're looking through a clear lens; look down and you're looking through the magnified portion of the glasses! These also provide an intellectual look, although it is arguable that every style has the same effect!


Now that you know which categories of reading glasses are available to you, get shopping.

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