What Determines Your Eye Colour?

How your eyes appear a specific colour – the iris is the coloured part of the eye, and it contains pigmentation. The pigment in your eye typically doesn’t change in adulthood, but does after birth when babies eyes turn from blue to their permanent colour. 

The role that genes play in eye colour – there is some mystery when it comes to genetics and eye colour. There are three genes that represent the eye colours green, brown and blue; but science has yet to determine the genetic link for other colours like hazel or grey. It was once thought that brown was always the dominant gene. So, two parents that have brown eyes should produce a brown-eyed child. It turns out, that’s not always the case so brown is not always dominant over blue or green eyes. It is of course more likely that two brown-eyed parents spawn a brown-eyed child, it’s just not the rule! Green is also said to be dominant over blue from a genetic perspective as the darker eye colour is the one that wins the battle. It seems to be a roll of the dice which genes meet up to create the eye colour of children. 

How eye colour changes – most babies are born with blue eyes, but not all older children or adults do. This is because the brown pigment melanin that can make eyes green or brown isn’t present at birth and can develop with age!

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