Customer Question Friday: When Should I Increase the Strength of My Reading Glasses?

Here is the first entry in our new weekly blog feature called Customer Question Friday, where we highlight frequently asked questions from customers in our retail store.

Today's question involves deciding when you should increase the strength of the reading glasses you are currently using.


Wall of reading glasses at Readerwear

In the store we call it "the slippery slope", that progression over time of increased lens strength in your reading glasses.  When you think this is happening don't panic; it is a natural occurrence as your eyes (and the rest of you for that matter) continue to age.  We display all our reading glasses by power in the stores, and over the past 12 years we have so many regular customers that have "moved along the wall" to higher strengths.  Customers in fact have a bit of a laugh over it!

With that said, how do you know when it is time to bump up the strength?  Well, the simplest sign that you need a little more help is that if to read clearly you are starting to push printed material further away from you eyes, while you are wearing your reading glasses, you probably need to bump things up a little.
Keep in mind that every lens power (known as a diopter) has a different focal point, with weaker powers having a focal point further away.  Therefore, if the reading glasses you are using have a focal point that is too far away, increasing the power will bring the focal point closer, back into that 14 inch or so reading distance.  More often than not the increase is usually a quarter or half diopter.

Using reading glasses for the computerOne of the best tips we give our customers who are increasing their lens strength is to hang onto those lower power reading glasses, as they will now be perfect for using at the computer.  With computer screens for the most part being slightly farther than reading distance, the weaker strengths work perfect.

We also want to be clear that increasing your lens strength slightly in this manner should by no means replace a regular eye exam from your Optometrist.  Regular eye checks will not only reveal what lens strengths you need, but they also asses other eye health issues.

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