The Short Arm Syndrome: Why You Need Reading Glasses After 40

If you thought we were joking when we said that one of the signs that tells you that reading glasses are in your future is that your arm never seems to be long enough; well then, you probably have yet to hit 40. As for the rest of you, well, we know that you can relate.


Of course, the length of your arms have not changed in length (obviously) and if you believe that then you are clearly in serious denial. Now, we have to burst your bubble and explain the short arm syndrome in reality and help you understand WHY you need reading glasses after 40.


The real term for short arm syndrome is presbyopia and it occurs as part of the natural aging process. It's believed that the changes that occur to the lens of the eye just happens. There is a thickening and loss of flexibility that happens to the lens. Essentially, when there is a decline in elasticity, it compromises the eye's ability to focus when things are close by.


Yup, you heard it here first. Short arm syndrome is just another example of your body betraying you with age. The good news is you can look chic and intelligent the next time you pick up a book if you get your own pair of stylish reading glasses!


Via: All About Vision

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