Prescription Eyeglasses

Look Great For Less with Prescription Eyewear from Readerwear

"Amazing value for the money. After shopping around all over the city I'm so glad I found your store. Your price of $145 for frame and lenses was cheaper than most of the quotes I got for just the lenses. My glasses look great and I am telling my friends." Dennis K, Vancouver

"I love my new glasses. Not only do they look good, they fit perfect, and I saved over $100." Barbara L, West Vancouver

These are just two of many people who have purchased prescription eyewear from our Vancouver location and now realize that good looking prescription glasses do not have to cost an arm and leg.

Optical Professional looking at Prescription GlassesHow do we do it?

Simple. All the fantastic ready-to-wear reading glasses that we sell are all optical quality. That means we are able to put your prescription lenses in the frames.

What does this mean to you?

Great looking glasses for a lot less. And we mean a lot less.

Let's take a great looking frame like this for $55, and add to it our reasonable lens prices and now you have a complete pair of prescription glasses at a price sometimes lower than you would pay just for the frames alone.

Why are these reading glasses priced so much lower than prescription eyewear?

Well there are a couple of reasons:

Perception - First and foremost they are reading glasses, and people will only pay so much for ready-to-wear reading glasses. On the other hand, people are used to paying high prices for prescription glasses, and in fact continue to pay therefore keeping prices up.

We like to be fair and charge reasonable prices - Hey, we like to get good value for our money too, so why not live this philosophy in our business.

Why do you only sell prescription glasses in your Vancouver store and not online?

We know that there are a lot of websites that sell complete prescription glasses online, but we believe that online shopping is not necessarily the best place to buy prescription glasses.

Unlike ready-to-wear reading glasses, prescription eyewear takes into account other variables like multifocal lenses and astigmatism where you need to have accurate measurements of your PD (distance in between your pupils). Your PD measurement is very important and needs to be taken into account when glasses are made and fitted for you. We believe this should be done in person for proper results.

Often we have people come in to the store with glasses they purchased online and are wondering why they are not working very well. When we check, the PD is almost always incorrect.