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Readerwear Cares Buy 1 Give 1 Program

Right now, 1.3 billion people can’t see clearly because they need glasses.

That’s a problem.

Imagine what vision means to a fisherman who needs to fix his nets, or a seamstress who needs to thread her needle. It can be the difference between supporting a family and living in poverty.

Readerwear Cares is our Buy-1-Give-1 Program whereby someone in need will receive a pair of glasses when a pair of Readerwear reading glasses is purchased.

We work with various charitable organizations the give the gift of sight to those in need.

The Background –
as told by Wayne Yarrow, President of Readwerwear

In the past year I received an email out of the blue from a charity called Adventure in Missions, which is dedicated to bridging the gap between North Americans and the needy and neglected in Honduras.  They were looking to take several pair of reading glasses to Honduras and wanted the help of Readerwear.

I made some arrangements and assisted them in meeting their needs by sourcing product for them, as well as donating some additional money to increase their budget.  I had the product shipped to them directly, and after that, didn’t think much about it.  Or so I thought.

Several months later, in April 2011, I received another email out of the blue from Adventure in Missions.  This time it was a thank-you explaining how the reading glasses were such a big hit.  The email also included some pictures and personal stories.  

Here is a copy of the email I received:

I just wanted to write and say thanks again for working with us to get the readers that went to Honduras. We were able to give out almost all of them during our two weeks there, and our permanent clinic in Honduras will manage what was left over. I really appreciated the two styles and the quality of the glasses. I wish you could have been there to see the joy on the people's faces when they put on glasses and could see. We had long lines of people every day hoping for reading glasses. For many of them it had been years since they had been able to read, thread a needle etc. I have attached a couple of pictures taken during our clinics. If there is any more info you would like, just ask.

Would you be interested in doing this again? We would like to order as many glasses as before....possibly in 3 styles??

Thanks again,

When I saw those images, and read the stories, I honestly got goose bumps.  I had an epiphany just how important this is.  Suddenly I realized that this wasn’t about donating glasses – this was about improving lives!  Something that most North Americans take for granted – a pair of reading glasses – can make a huge difference.

From that moment, I knew that I wanted myself and the company to be involved in this on a permanent basis.  Therefore, we have created the Readerwear Cares program to assist charities with their goals of improving lives throughout the world.


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