Wholesale Reading Glasses from Readerwear

Wholesale Reading Glasses

If you run an online store or a retail location that already sells reading glasses, or you are looking to sell reading glasses, then we can help you.

Our collection of reading glasses combine a level of quality and fashion that separates us from drug store brands and lower end offerings. Our product is targeted to today's Baby Boomers, who are a powerful driving force in retail, and this vital group of consumers is nothing like your grandparents.

Today's Boomers are cool, fashion-oriented, highly-mobile consumers who don't want a "mature" look. Instead, they want products that reflect their more vibrant, active lives. Our reading glasses are the perfect solution to offer this consumer because every style reinvents the perception of today's reading glasses.

If you're interested in learning about what styles of reading glasses are available for wholesale, please fill out the form below and one of our wholesale representatives will follow up with you by phone or through e-mail. Brochures showing what styles are available for wholesale can be forwarded to you.


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