Why You Need Reading Glasses

Mother with Reading Glasses

What causes me to need reading glasses?

Well, in a nutshell, your eyes are aging. Usually beginning in their 40's, people experience blurred vision at near points. This is known as presbyopia - which in Latin literally means aging eyes - and it is the result of a loss of flexibility within the lens of the eye, which is needed to focus on near objects.

What are my options?

The most common correction for presbyopia is reading glasses. These can be custom made from an optical dispenser or purchased "ready-to-wear" from someone like us. Ready-to-wear reading glasses are less expensive than custom eyewear, and allow you to own several pairs for a reasonable amount of money. And believe us - you will want several pairs because they will never be where you need them.

Are you a candidate for ready-to-wear reading glasses?

When choosing ready-made reading glasses, ensure that the corrections for each eye are pretty close, without a great deal of astigmatism. The eye doctor is the best judge of whether you need custom eyewear rather than ready-made reading glasses. In fact, eye exams are important to ensure that your overall eye health is good.